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We have multiple solutions for financing your next big project. If you are looking for a complete, creative solution to leverage your growing company, let’s start the conversation. Or check out the offer below.


We are pleased to offer affordable leasing (and lease-to-own) programs  in cooperation with Lease $mart.  We want to make your acquisition of our equipment as easy and affordable as possible!

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There are many payment plans available for your consideration.  In order to estimate terms and options for your specific situation, Lease $mart will need to know the following items:

  1. The total cost of the furniture/equipment you want to acquire.
  2. How long your business has been established under its current ownership.
  3. Whether the business and its principals have reasonably clean credit.

Lease $mart can also provide working capital funding for your growth needs.
All payment estimates by Lease $mart are subject to final credit approval.

To discuss your specific funding needs and get sample lease/finance payments, you may contact Lease $mart directly at 800-532-7303 (800-LEASE-03) or https://Lease-Smart.com/contact-us/.

To submit your credit application online, please click on the following link: Lease $mart Application

Lease $mart is an independent equipment leasing company which works closely with JKaiser Workspaces .  You are welcome to make your own independent arrangements for leasing or financing of JKaiser Workspaces equipment, subject to the final approval of any such payment arrangements by JKaiser Workspaces.

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